Monday, February 6, 2006


Well, I know we are due for an update here, and sorry I haven't really gotten around to it. Mostly I've been putting it off cuz I've been a little bitter and just didn't want to portray that in my writing, but I guess I'll make this short, sweet and informational.

On February 2 Josh entered LTM. This is the last, but longest of all the phases.

8 months down.

2-1/2 years to go.

At his most recent visit, Josh was supposed to have a spinal tap done, but it was postponed due to a cough he's had. They were afraid of giving him any anesthesia, so that was rescheduled for next month. So although the day started off early and we were in Pittsburgh by 6:30, we were out of there early and home in time to pick the girls up from school.

Nathan has been sick for about 3 weeks now, but there is something going around and the whole house has been dodging one sore throat or another.

We got about a foot of snow yesterday on Super Bowl Sunday, but it seems to me spring is just around the corner. One can hope. So far this season has been pretty mild and the snow-factor hasn't been that bad. Before we know it softball season will be in full swing and we will be busy in the fields once again.

In other news our van bit the dust. We knew it was coming. I mean come on - we started out at over 100K miles when we got it. But we bought it before we knew we'd have so many Pittsburgh travels...

I guess it did make it this far. What more can we ask? It *would* be covered by the warranty if the business we bought it from wasn't seized by the FBI. (See a journal entry back in July or August if you missed the news about that...) I mean what kind of luck is that? Anyway, it’s the transmission that went, so there is just no use in fixing it. We will have to start over, and hopefully this time we find something a little more reliable. If you have to find the positive side of things, at least it broke down here in the city, and not 120 miles away in Pittsburgh!

On the lighter side of things:



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In closing, one more thing, in case I don't make it back on here before next week, Jon's mom is having surgery next Tuesday, Valentine's Day, to have a lump removed from her neck. Please say some extra prayers for her and keep her and dad in your thoughts!