Thursday, April 12, 2007

Super Heroes meet Super Heroes

We're Baaa-ack!

What a vacation, almost seems surreal! It was the fastest 10 days of my life I think. But the kids really had an enjoyable time. The Village was the greatest! What a beautiful place. You can imagine that I took LOTS of pictures, between 150-300 a day! I will work on weaning that number down and creating a slide show for those that are interested. Maybe I can enlist the help of the girls.

In the meantime I will post a few here to hold you over.

The first park we went to was Universal's Island of Adventure and the people there were SO wonderful. Someone must've noticed the kids' shirts because they flagged us down personally for this private meet. We werent even there an hour when a lady stopped us in the 'streets'. It was very nice. As predicted Josh was shy. Nathan was the first to go up to the characters. It wasnt until after Nathan got his hugs that Josh thought it was safe. LOL

There's another pic where Spiderman jumped up on that column on the left of the picture and just *stuck* to it... and we got a shot of Josh standing under him trying to stick himself. I'll post that one later. Also another that i just adore of Joshy hugging Spiderman.

Between the 7 parks we went to them all but Epcot. Their favorite were both the Universal Parks. Even more than Magic Kingdom. Animal Kingdom ran a close second... or would it be third?

I liked Seaworld, but it was SO packed and we missed the Shamu show, and the boys we're just exhausted from the day before it just was a trying day.

The kids met TONS of characters, including the Power Rangers, Spongebob and Barney (lol). They met about every one they wanted too, well, except for Scooby Doo as Josh was quick to tell me. Dont know where ole Scooby was... but I think he was quick to get over it kenyit

Part of me felt a little guilty before this trip happened. Someone earlier had made a comment that they didnt think Josh was 'that sick' to get a Make-A-Wish trip. Perhaps this is the reason I procrastinated planning this trip and had such a hard time getting in to it. I didnt want to think I had a child sick enough to qualify for this trip either.

One year and ten months into Josh's diagnosis, things have become so routine and have become a lot easier than in the beginning. Maybe it isnt that it's easier. It's just that we've learned to deal with things better. We no longer have to crush Josh's meds and disguise them in syrup to get him to take them. He not only swallows them on his own, but he will come to us and tell us when he's ready to take them. He knows he takes 8 pills on Thursday nights. He knows when he's on his steroid pulse and has to take that extra morning pill. He even can tell me when he's running a fever. One night the boys and I were up in the bathroom brushing teeth and getting ready for bed, I gave Josh his meds and Nathan wanted to know where his pills were. Josh looked at Nate and said, 'no Nay, I have Cancer, you dont want to take these pills'. We've never told Josh (directly) that he has cancer. It's hard to believe that my little boy is only four, sometimes he seems so grown up.

The realization to me - that Josh deserved this *wish* - that we all deserved a little distraction from the last 2 years, came the night before we left and Josh was sitting on the bed while we packed the bags. He asked if he had to go back to the doctors now.

Makes my heart melt. But he is such a trooper. I am awed by my little heroes every day! All the kids. Kaitlynn for being such a grown-up, mature mini-me. Halie and Kenni for understanding and dealing so well with everything we've all been put through and for being the greatest helpers. And even little Nathan, the little Imp that he is, for being our comic relief when we need it.

So the picture at the top of the page says it all. 10 of the most perfect Super Heroes!

Can you name them all?