Tuesday, August 28, 2007

First Day of Kindergarten

One of my earliest memories is my first day of kindergarten.

... I think I cried.

Yesterday was Joshua's first day of school and when I walked out of that classroom I couldnt help but bawl again. I tried not to, and I definitely didnt let Josh or his classmates see... but I couldnt help it. I can hardly believe he is old enough to start school already.

This coming from a mom who has a daughter preparing to take her drivers test...

How can it be? My oldest daughter getting her license and my oldest son starting kindergarten - all in the same week...

A friend of mine said, "just wait til Nathan starts, you'll really be sad then"

LOL - she dont know Nate too well does she????


Speaking of which - Nathan didnt seem to miss his "brudda" at all. But he was happy to see him home, especially since he had an extra pack of crackers lapar

It was a nice distraction running Kait all around the city, kept my mind off my half-empty nest. Before I knew it, the time came to pick up our babies. Josh walked out the kindergarten door unscathed and in all in one piece, smiling ear-to-ear.

When we asked him how his day was his first reply was, "we didnt get to play"


he would say that.

He had his eye set on the tool bench in the back of the room.

Back to my first day of school. I remember our play area was in the back of the room too, and my eyes were on the little wooden kitchen set. I can still see myself standing there. I cant remember my teacher's name, or any of my classmates... but I can still picture that kitchen set.

We asked Josh if he met any friends... he said he wanted to talk to "James" but James didnt talk to him. I asked him what he said to James, and he replied that he didnt say anything. LOL

So I pried for more details. I wanted to know all the details of his day. Who did he sit next to? Joshua's desk is up front by the teacher's. He sits next to Paige. She has hair like his. I thought he meant she has blond hair, but no - he meant she has short hair. Doesnt that just make you smile?

More interrogation: Did you sing any songs? Did you play any games? What did you learn? How was lunch?

He's not a very good narrator, but he did tell us about the Penny Game, and how he wanted to pick pink as his favorite color - to Jon's dismay pinky

For snack "the helper" gave him golden fish (gold fish crackers). I explained to Josh "the helper" is the child that brings snacks in for the day, they are the designated teacher's aid for the whole day, and soon enough it would be HIS turn to help to. He is already planning on what to take in on his day.

When we got home he couldnt wait to show us the fish he had made out of a paper plate and empty his homework folder which was simply some emergency contact forms. Homework for mom... just what i wanted. In triplicate.

I thought for sure Josh would pass out early last night but he surprised me and made it through the whole night.

One thing though, kindergarten sure makes a hungry boy. Despite a bowl of Applejacks before he left, a snack and a full lunch he came home ravished. He said his tummy was "grumbling"

This morning he didnt want to eat breakfast and I had to remind him about his "grumbles" yesterday. He decided he could eat a cereal straw with some chocolate milk.

I imagine he is at lunch right now as I type. I packed him a surprise today - a Dim Dim (Slim Jim).

I cant wait to hear his stories today. Tomorrow will be his last day this week as Thursday he goes to Pittsburgh already.

Seems like we just went.

It's supposed to be another spinal this month to make up for the one he missed. Two in a row. Good thing he has a long weekend to recover.

I hope everyone has a nice Labor Day weekend. Halie won a large Mum plant from a Chinese auction on Sunday and she wants to plant them at Grandma's stone this weekend. The boys like to go to the gorge. I think we'll make a day of it.

The girls made a slide show of Josh's first day... so without further ado:

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The big 0-5

Joshy's now 5 How the years quickly passed,
Our little boy has grown up so fast.

Oh how we love him, we're proud of this boy,
Each moment we spend is a lifetime of joy.

We'll sing Happy Birthday, his friends will be there,
On the candles he'll wish and the frosting he'll wear.

...time for the paddlewhack


p.s. by law of your sisters


Sunday, August 19, 2007

The thickest part of the book

***Update by popular demand***

So I guess it really has been awhile, but I wasnt sure anyone was still reading this despite a select few - especially those that sign the guestbook ;-)

And Marian (merjer) I will be making Josh a book of all the jokes in his guestbook, he really does get a kick out of us reading them to him.

First I have to let you know the girls have made Josh his own website, www.myspace.com/our_joshy, if anyone is interested you can check it out. It's a collective effort from all three of them, but it still is a work in progress.

Next I have to say things are going pretty smooth here in the Froggy household. Softball season has officially ended and although we will miss it - it sure is nice to have time enjoy other things. Cant believe summer is almost over already!

Moreover - I cant believe my baby is going to start kindergarten this year. Already? Where has the time gone? Really. So Josh is excited. Excited to be turning 5 in a few days and excited to be starting school. I'm excited for him, but cant help but be worried about all those germies in there. I know he'll be fine. He is so smart and so ready!

His last two visits to P-burgh have been routine. He did have his spinal postponed due to clinical-scheduling errors, but he should be back on track within the next two months. Also better news is that his ANC had FINALLY fallen within range! Last two visit have been just under 2000. I'll take it.

Can hardly believe that we are now exactly one year from the finish line! Have you ever picked up a book to read and thought about how much you had to read still? Did you actually do the math in your head to compute the number of pages? Have you ever picked up that same book upside down, felt how skinny the pages were on the wrong side of the book and thought, 'hmmm, sooner or later I will be to that side'? That's kinda how I feel now. We're over 2/3s of the way now. The thickest part of the book is behind us. After the first two years, this last year should be a cake walk.

Let's pray that it is.

I can hardly believe that in less than two days he will be 5 already! I strain to think back to when he was first diagnosed, not yet even 3... seems so long ago. I remember having to crush his meds, diluting them in syrup, and having to bribe him to take them with the reward of a 'water gun' fight afterward. The water gun itself actually being an over-sized medicine syringe. My kitchen floor is thankful that he outgrew that stage sembah Now he reminds us when it's time to take his meds. At his first sign of sleepiness, he will come to us, 'is it an easy day?' An easy day is any night that he doesnt have to take more than two pills at a given time.

I think it will be funny when he starts school. Now, if we wake him up in the morning, he automatically assumes it's a p-burgh day. It will be nice when he can relate being woken up to something else.

OK, well I guess I've gone on enough. I'll try to update sooner next time (I think I've said that before). Let us know that you're all still reading.