Thursday, March 9, 2006


Okay, well everyone keeps telling me it's about time I update again - I get the [not-so-subtle] hint.

Josh was in the hospital once again. It was the longest stay yet in every sense of the meaning!

Long story short - 3rd infection in just as many months so he had to have his port removed.

He will go back in for surgery on March 30th to have it replaced.

And believe me he needs it! What my poor little had to endure with all the blood draws AFTER the port was missing. He is a real trooper, but he sure can put up a fight! Took 3 nurses and myself to hold that little super hero still enough.

But in the end he forgave us all and even hugged the nurse (but not until after she said she was leaving) LOL

I have to make this real quick, Nathan is calling for me. The night we came home from Pittsburgh, we had to take littlest man to the emergency room. That night the doctor dx'ed him with possible impetigo (strep infection) but the next day we got a call from the ER saying the radiologist found the beginning of a pneumonia. Well at least we caught it all early.

Thanks to everyone who's signing the guestbook, the girls and I love reading the jokes to each other. Plus, believe it or not - it does keep me motivated to update - otherwise how would I know anyone was reading?!

Love ya all,
Jon & Marian
Kaitlynn, Halie & Kenni
Joshua and Nathan