Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A little late for Christmas

Josh lost his two front teeth!

We were sitting at the table eating dinner -- pizza -- when Josh made a funny face, exclaimed that his tooth "broke" and spit it in his hand. Sure enough his bottom right tooth fell out on it's own. I had been wondering when it was going to happen. A lot of his kindergarten friends have lost their teeth, and remember Josh is one of the oldest in his class due to us pulling him out of kindergarten last year. But his teeth are extremely small caused by him grinding his teeth as a side-effect of one of his chemos.

So we checked his other tooth and sure enough it was loose too! Joshy would NOT let us try to pull it for him (to Jon's dismay), not for any amount of bribes.

And we tried!

But after a lot of suggestions from his sisters, and coaxing from Jon and Nathan, Joshua pulled the second tooth himself!

They really were ready, you can already see his adult teeth popping through. He was excited to go to sleep that night and wait for the tooth fairy. He woke up in the middle of the night and woke me up to let me know she had come.

FIVE WHOLE BUCKS he made. Our day started early the next morning as Joshua had an appointment in Pittsburgh, and he was excited and proud to show his doctor his missing teeth! All day his mind was focused on the money in his pocket and he badgered me to take him to the store to buy a Ben 10 toy!

He's all ready to pull the other ones and keeps checking for loose ones daily. He's figured out he has a gold mine in his mouth!