Wednesday, December 19, 2007

24 Stockings

I have been hesitant to update here because I dont want the girls reading the journal, but I have found a way to block the journal page and still let them check the guestbook, as the girls enjoy reading the comments and jokes to Joshua. So please, if and when you sign the guestbook, please be aware of what you say as I do not want to add unnecessary fear to the girls.

Josh's cytospin test came back showing 3 blasts (leukemia cells). They dont consider it an official relapse until it is 5.

So we wait to see if the cells multiply or hopefully they will burn themselves out! They will be monitoring him closely. For now we are in limbo land.

Sorry, I didnt update the webpage sooner, like I said I don’t want the girls worrying, but after reading the mass emails asking about Josh I figured I better figure something out.

The kids and I have been extremely busy keeping ourselves busy with holiday fun. Last year, when I was laid off just before the holidays, I was devastated and worried sick about how we would give the kids a Christmas. After much inspiration from Jon’s mother I quickly realized that Christmas wasn’t about the gifts we give to our children, despite what the little ones might think sometimes. Notwithstanding the outpouring of love and support our families showed, the kids lacked nothing (not in presents or love) and I tried to remind them the importance of family time and memories. And they learned that there really is a Santa, and he comes in many shapes, sizes and genders!

Looking back over the years, I asked the girls if they can tell me what their favorite present was. A lot of the time they were pressed to remember what they received. But when asked about their favorite memory, they each could rattle off several close to their heart.

So a tradition was born. We decided that one day was not enough and we made 24 mini-stockings and we stuff them with “activities”, one for each day. They range from baking cookies, to going to the movies; from Monopoly night, to taking care baskets to our local firehouse. Tomorrow is supposed to be “Snow Fun Day”. Hmmmm…. When I filled the stockings with our ideas, I imagined there would be more snow on the ground by now, but I think it will be enough for some snowballs or two! I just hope I don’t freeze. At any rate, we have been keeping ourselves busy and I have had little time to get on the computer. I apologize to those that sent me emails inquiring after Josh and for not answering sooner.

Jon and I are hopeful that Josh will overcome this hurdle; we are praying those stupid cells burn themselves out fast! He is a strong, brave little man. Even if our worst fears are realized, he will overcome this also! But I refuse to let my mind go there.

SO. If you would like to leave a comment in the guestbook – please do! We all love reading them, just as much as Josh loves hearing them (and as much as he likes to pretend he can read) If you are at a loss of what to say – here’s an idea:

Tell us your favorite holiday memory. One of my favorite childhood memories was made when I was about Halie’s age now. I remember sitting on our fireplace hearth singing Christmas carols united in the company of long-distance family. Before this year when the girls were asked of their favorite Christmas memory, they recalled a treasure hunt Santa left them in search of their presents. They didn’t remember what the gift was, but they remember the quest.

So share with us your most cherished recollection – we would love hearing them. Maybe it will inspire a tradition celebrate

Merry Christmas everyone! We love you all. May everyone’s season be filled with millions of memories!

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