Tuesday, April 11, 2006

10 months and 10 days

Long time no write… Hello everybody. A few of us in the Froggy household are getting over the flu, sorry for the delay. I guess with a litter so large there is always bound to be something going on.

Josh’s port-replacement surgery on the 30th went well. He was quite sore for a bit afterward which surprised us since he wasn’t sore after the port-removal surgery, but the nurses explained that there was more involved with putting one in. Makes sense.

But then we didn’t remember him complaining of so much pain after his first surgery either. However, that was nearly one year ago…

Hard to believe so much time has passed already, huh?

As I typed 10 months and 10 days have elapsed since that fateful day. Only 2 years and 4 months to go ;-)

Oh yes, we’re counting.

A day at a time.

Spring is finally creeping up on us up here in the north. I can see the flowers trying to pop there heads through the ground in my front yard. Actually, they’ve been there for some time, only they’ve never bloomed. Hopefully they survived the snow that surprised them soon after their emergence.

Yesterday we took the boys over to the church to ride their 4-wheelers in the parking lot. Ahhh… wide open spaces, and a vehicle that can only go 2 miles-an-hour. I can still count all my toes this day J

The boys had a blast, they really love to play outside. Takes a much blackmail and persuasion to get them to come in… doesn’t hurt when batteries go dead either ;-)

Softball season is upon us too. While I dodged multiple-car-pileups (eh hem, I mean, while I *supervised*) Jon and the girls practiced pitching and hitting in the fields. Kaitlynn and Halie moved up a division this year. Kennidy remains in the co-ed Pee Wee division while Kai moved up to Majors and Halie to Minors. Halie is the most excited and it will be the biggest change for her moving to an all-girls team and being able to steal bases! Oh yeah – she cant wait. Jon will once again coach the Rythmics, Kenni’s team.

A couple weeks ago – in fact March 22nd, the American Cancer Society’s Daffodil Days, was an event-filled day.

Firstly my flowers and fluffy Boyd’s Bear were delivered to work (which is how I remember the date).

Next I received a call from Make-A-Wish regarding Josh’s wish to meet Spiderman. We were planning on going this August around his birthday, but now that all my vacation for the year has already been exhausted, we’ve decided to postpone the trip until next year. Possibly next Easter. I thought the kids would be upset, but we’ve decided the weather in Florida will probably be much more enjoyable that time of year!

Then when I got home from work there was a package waiting for us in the mail from a friend of mine who I met through a leukemia-support-group. She had sent a cute little care package including a book called “Drums, Girls and Dangerous Pie”, it’s about a teenager who has a little brother with cancer and the story told from his perspective. Kaitlynn and Halie are reading it simultaneously, taking turns after the other puts it down. Nothing like tandem-sibling-reading.

To top the night off, Cindy and her husband delivered a large orange remote controlled car for Joshua. They are from an organization called Cody’s Wheels of Hope. www.CWOH.org They started it after their 5 year old grandson passed away of cancer. The had bought Cody a bike for Christmas, a few months later he passed on. Remembering the happiness on Cody’s face, they donated the bike to a child at the hospital. A need was born. Coincidentally enough, they are from Erie. I met Cindy through a website of Josh’s little red-head friend, Travis, who was diagnosed a year before and lives a few blocks from us. I had signed Travis’ CB page and she followed the link to Joshy’s. Once when Josh was in the hospital Cindy left a message for me to contact her. At first I was hesitant because Josh already has a bike, and we just got him the 4-wheeler last year for his birthday, but Cindy assured me they meant any wheeled toy. One day soon after Josh was home form the hospital we went shopping to find the Elefun game he seen on a commercial and wanted. When we were there he seen the RC-car fell in love with it. We never did find Elefun, but Josh had a new obsession. Now the trick is to keep Josh, Dad and Nathan from running over the dogs with it! Boys will be boys.