Monday, September 5, 2005

Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

Hello every one, my computer is suffering some kind of mishap, but for now, I've found a way around it... still need to get it fixed, but too lazy to find my computer discs.

First I want to say I hope all our Louisiana and Alabama friends are safe and sustained minimal damage from Katrina. You guys have been in our thoughts and prayers and we hope to hear from you soon!

Second, hope everyone is having, well... had a nice holiday! We went to a picnic at my aunt's (held by my cousin) on Saturday. Josh got to play with some boys his age. It was nice to see him running around and keeping up with the best of them! Today we went to mom and dad's house (Jon's parents) and had a wonderful time! We loaded Josh's truck up in the van and lugged it over there. He drove it all around the back yard and didnt even run over grandma's flowers once! I think he may have *drove* grandpa nuts though, as they were collecting the balls in the yard. Josh was driving and grandpa was navigating. Josh may have gotten steering down, but not listening ;-)

Of course I have more pics.

On another note -- I wanted to let everyone know that September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. And something I just learned today is that on Monday, September 26th, Chili's restaurant will donate 100% of their profits to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital! Now I know that Josh doesnt go to St Jude's, but everything that our hospital knows, stems from the research done there. Although the cure rate for Josh's type of cancer and risk category may exceed 70%, 10 years ago he may not have been so 'lucky'.

For that we are extremely grateful.

However; there is still 3 out of 10 children who suffer a relapse and dont have as much luck.

And for THAT, we will not stop until there is a CURE.

Also, for those of you that may not prefer Chili's or maybe can not get away that day, Chili's is also hosting something called "Create a Pepper". During the month of September, for a dollar you can purchase a pinup of a pepper to color and have displayed in the store! Or if you go online you can buy your own Create a Pepper Fight Childhood Cancer tee-shirt.

Here's a little clip from their website:

Last year, Chili’s raised more than $2.5 million through its 850 company-owned and franchised U.S. locations. For more information, to create a pepper online, or to purchase a “Create a Pepper” t-shirt, visit

THIS JUST IN -- in case you are looking for the older pictures ;-) here are the links to their folders:

Joshy's 3rd Birthday

Josh's original photo album

and the new one:
Labor Day and more


Maureen Felder said...


Hi Everyone! Thank you for all the prayers. We made it through Hurricane Katrina, with very minimal damage here in Ponchatoula.. None to house, but yard was disaster with pine trees and branches everywhere, but we are safe, with family intack and for that we are BLESSED! Our power was out for one week and 12 hours.But, we made it. We thank God for our blessings, as there is much devastation in New Orleans and surrounding parishes, with many lives lost, along with countless homes and belongings . Mississippi Gulf Coast area was devastated too. Will take years to rebuild everything, but that is what all are focusing on- rebuilding! She really was a BAD BAD storm!

I am so happy to read and see that Joshua is doing good. The new pictures are beautiful! Look forward to seeing them and reading about his progress. You are always on our minds and in our prayers. We will continue that, and thanks again for all the thoughts and prayers, we could "feel" them.

Love to all - Maureen

Maureen Felder
Ponchatoula, LA
United States

April Molle said...

FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 09, 2005 08:21 PM, CDT

Hi Joshua,

I am from All-Kids stopping by to say hello and wish you the very best!


April Molle

April Molle
United States

Karen Stern said...

FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 09, 2005 09:22 PM, CDT

I hope that the next phase of treatment goes well. Keep fighting. I "met" your mom on ALL-Kids.

Karen Stern
Big Lake, MN
United States