Tuesday, November 1, 2005

Did you know Spiderman was bald too?

Real *quick* as Josh watches Shrek on TV, who by the way he got to "meet" yesterday t-n-t'ing

As you can tell, Josh was Spiderman -- like there is anyone else? and he was a big hit with his painted head! Which turned out to be an accidental windfall.

We have been keeping an eye out for the famed Spiderman costume, with not much luck. Either wrong timing, or wrong sizing… whichever, just days before Halloween, we found ourselves on a pursuit. Store after store, everything was picked through with a fine tooth comb, finally at the last possible option, we ventured inside, disheartened by the single rack of children’s costumes. We decided to make our way back toward the seasonal aisle and found a strewed mess and still not many more options. We begin to look at other costumes. Batman? Jak Jak from Incredibles, a dinosaur? A Power Ranger?

I was so upset and kicking myself for not acting sooner, I looked up to the K-mart “sky”, sighed, and commented on how all he wanted to be was Spiderman. Next thing I know, I look to the floor, where I had looked many times before, and there sat a Spiderman wrapper – but no costume. I hurried and grabbed Jon’s attention when just then he looks to the ground on the other end of the aisle and there sits the costume!

No mask.

But in hindsight it was the best mishap, I don’t think Josh would’ve left the mask on, and of all the spider men out last night he was the only super hero with a red head. The REAL Spiderman! sembah

Well he’s my hero anyway.

One mom, trick-or-treating with her own children, laughed so hard she reached in her pocket and gave Josh a dollar – LOL – she said it was the best laugh she had all night. All I know is that it was the perfect night to be bald! And I loved watching him dance to all the attention. Whenever anyone would allude to his ‘mask’ he would run, jump, shoot webs and exclaim, “I’m Bidaman

But it wasn’t long before his little spider body tuckered out and he was riding in the stroller, even sooner than the 2-year old Green Goblin, better known as Nathan. Towards the end of the night Josh decided walking up to the door wasn’t worth it anymore. If they didn’t come to him as he hung his bucket over the edge of the stroller, I think he figured he had plenty of treats already. And if he didn’t he would steal his sisters’

Today after his second bath and a LONG soak in the tub, the red-stained-skin is finally faded. But not his web-slinging spirit!


April Molle said...


Hey there Spiderman! :)

I hope you had lots and lots of fun on halloween and got LOTS OF CANDY! You deserve it!


April Molle


April Molle
Port Richey, FL
United States

Alina Lockhoff said...


What a totally WILD Spiderman you are!!


Love, Alina

Alina Lockhoff teamlockhoff@enter.net
palm, PA
United States