Wednesday, May 9, 2007

I married Mario

Hard to believe a whole month went by already. Got a call the other day confirming Josh's appt this week and I had to do a double-take.

Been meaning to update about Josh's last visit, and here his next visit is tomorrow.

The visit itself went fine. Different set of anesthesiologists and doctors (because it was on a Friday) but things went smooth. Weird, cuz they have a different way of doing things (like making us wait in the hall instead of the OR recovery room) but we did get out of their faster. His onc appt went well too. Didnt see Dr Wollman (since he *isnt* in on Fridays - lol) but the phys asst is very nice too. They all are. We never complain. So his counts were high again. From my understanding, his protocol says, if counts are high 3 months in a row, then increase meds. So, if his counts are above 2000 tomorrow, well... we'll see. Of course, I was concerned that we can never get it right. That it seems we finally get them within range, and it only lasts a month then they're up again, but she said he's a growing boy. Good enough for me I guess. At least they're on top of things.

The only downside to the whole day was getting there.... IF WE EVER ARE SCHEDULE ON A VOO DOO DAY (like Friday the 13th) AGAIN - YOU CAN BE SURE I WILL RESCHEDULE!)

In nearly 2 years of driving back and forth to P-burgh, and just under 10,000 miles logged, it was bound to happen....

We got a speeding ticket. adus

93 in a 65 zone.

But in all fairness, it's not like Jon was driving that fast the whole time... he was passing a semi, and it just so happened the cop was sitting right_there, just_then. The cop was nice though, considering. Woulda been nicer if he l would've just let us off with a warning, but you know, it was a voo doo day. They were all_over that day.

Let's add no more traffic tickets to our list of prayers in the remaining half of this journey.

Tomorrow I have to drive to p-burgh myself. Jon cant get off work, so Kaitlynn will be my chaperon. But this is the _first_ time I will drive this myself. Before, if Jon couldnt make it, there was always someone to go with me. So I guess you could add that to your list too - please.

Anyone who knows me well knows - I *HATE* driving - with a passion. Especially long distances. Dont know why, just rather be a passenger. So, even though we've made this trip many many times, hope on this trip that the car doesnt break down, or I dont get lost - LOL

...and let's hope his counts are in a better range. Or, let's pray that the doctors adjust his meds perfectly this month.

OH - and P.S.

Tomorrow is Halie's 12th birthday. If you'd like, you can leave her a wish in the guestbook. I'm sure she'd love to read them. This is her last year in the PRE-teens. She's excited!!

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