Monday, February 2, 2009

Six Pack Fever

Here We Go Steelers
Here We Go!

The weekend started out with the kids' school spirit day. They werent allowed to paint their faces, but we found a way around that! Joshua had on his Polamalu jersey and carried his picture of the Steelers and him taken a few years back when Josh was inpatient. Remember we had tried to get Troy to sign Joshua's bald head, but his 'handlers' would let him. :shrugs: Halie was all decked out in her Steelers gear and even borrowed my scarf. At this point, I think Joshua thinks the Steelers are in the Super Bowl every year! Woo Hoo!

Sunday came and the pre-game festivities started before the last member of our zoo had their teeth brushed! I painted my face, Halie painted hers, we painted both the boys and even my mom got in on the action! Kenni and Kaitlynn were the lone party poopers, but not for lack of us trying ;-)

The boys' favorite part of the whole game were the 3D commercials. Jon's favorite part was the food and heckling me. I sat on the edge of my seat and by the time the game ended I didnt think I would be able to stand without my knees buckling. I swear this is true. I dont know how the players themselves held up - I was a nervous wreck! We were all doing the happy dance when Big Ben threw that pass to Santonio in the last seconds - way to go Boys!

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