Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween

Sorry for the poor picture quality, but my digital died and this was taken with my phone - cell phones just were not meant for photography!

As you can see, Joshua and Nathan were Power Rangers, Josh is in the blue and Nate in the red. Kenni and Halie were Zombie Prom Queens. The kids had a wonderful time and I was so excited for Josh! This was his first year since diagnosis that he didnt tire out in the first 15 minutes. He ran down the street with the rest of the kids. It wasnt until the last half hour or so that he was pooped, but so was Nathan. It is amazing to see the difference in his energy. I guess we had gotten so used to seeing him one way that it was starting to appear normal. So the boys and I headed home and the girls finished off the last half hour by themselves. It was the first time they went off without us and it was a weird feeling.

Of course they got lots of goodies, I thought I had a picture of their stash piled in mountains on the table as we went through it, but it disappeared off my phone. Just as well because the picture quality was likely poor anyway.

I almost forgot to mention, during our walk we happened upon, not one, but TWO haunted "houses" set-up in our neighbors' yards. The boys ventured into both of them and made it out unscathed. They were so proud of themselves!

--Just in case you were wondering, Kaitlynn was working, not that she trick-or-treats anymore, but she usually enjoys going around the neighborhood with us.

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