Thursday, June 30, 2005


Today was the last day of Phase I and the beginning of Phase II. Consolidation.

Josh got another Bone Marrow Aspiration (BMA) and Spnial Tap (aka Lumbar Pucture - LP), and also a dose of Chemo in his port.

Today was the worst day ever! They used Versed and Fentanyl for pain and anxiety. Josh seemed to have an adversed effect to the Versed. instead of it calming him down he went into a wild RAGE. He punch me, he hit me, he cried and begged for help. The doctor suggested for Jon to go out of the room and get Josh's new prescriptions, which was probably a good thing as Jon was getting pretty nervous watching Josh go through this all. You just feel so helpless. After the doctor got the Bone Aspiration, she had to leave the room before she could continue on with the procedure. She brought back with her another nurse. It took four of us to hold him down. The doctor apologize profusely, saying that she wanted us to know that this is NOT what is supposed to happen, and was totally unacceptable and that they would never use Versed on him again.

They did use Versed on Josh before, while we were inpatient. The day of Josh's discharge, they had to do the 7 day BMA, they also used Versed, afterward Josh would cry uncontrollably for a half hour or more before slowly coming around. But still... it was nothing like this day.

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