Saturday, July 9, 2005

Let the shaving begin!

We just got home from another softball game. Kaitlynn's team and Halie & Kenni's team both played at 1:00. While Jon coached the little girls, I watched Kai as best I could while I chased after Nathan and Josh. We werent there long before Josh was wore out and fell asleep in my arms. Heaven only knows how he can sleep through all the screaming :-)

Nathan, as patiently as he doesnt know how to be, sat in the stroller wishing he could find something to get into. Oh! that boy is such a handful. This morning we dubbed him the Devil in Diapers!

Anyway, they're wrapping things up for the Slam-a-Thon benefit. I can still hardly believe how fast they put everything together and it promises to be so much fun! OH! I almost forgot to mention, Palermo's Deli has generously offered to donate all proceeds from July 16th (the day before the benefit) to Joshua's Fund!
and Shhhhh... here's a little secret... we are not-so-subtly trying to convince Jon to sell locks of his hair this day -- thanks Joe for the suggestion --- hehehehe, hey, he was going to shave it all off anyway ;-)

Be sure to click here for even more pics of Joshy

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Maureen Felder said...

MONDAY, JULY 11, 2005 11:23 PM, CDT


Hi Joshua-

Just wanted to let you know that all of us here in Louisiana, are praying for you buddy.
We hope that you get well real soon!

Much Love-
Maureen, Morris and Morrie Felder

(tell your Mom and Dad I said "HI" too- I'm your great aunt Marilyn's and your grandparents friend!)

Our Love and Prayers to all of you!

Maureen Felder
Ponchatoula, LA