Wednesday, December 28, 2005

we don't need no shtinkin' hair

Over the holiday someone commented on Josh’s hair or lack thereof and asked if we cut his hair that way.


Okay... now I know Josh's hair is in the stages of growing back and does look kind of funny, picture patches of stragglers peppering his head. Not stubble over his whole head. Not a crew... but a few 1/4" hairs here and there in various spots on his head.

Now what kinda shaver do you suppose does that?

And if they do make one ---- I want my money back!

So I relayed this story to my very bestest buddy that understands all -- and she retaliates these select comments that I wish I woulda had on hand THEN kenyit

So for future reference and for a worthwhile laugh:

1) I washed it with some new shampoo and it all fell out and we're in the middle of a huge lawsuit.

2) his sister got mad at him for messing with her stuff and shaved it off in the night.

3) it's a new cult thing

4) religious preference

5) we don't really like him

6) our hairdresser was having a bad day

7) I'll never leave him home with dad again....

8) got it stuck in the conveyor belt at the grocery store... it was a big to do.... couldn't be saved

9) he wants to join the army later and figured he'd get in the good graces of his sergeant now...

10) don't need no shtinkin' hair!

11) brother pulled it out, one piece at a time....

12) ever see home alone?

ROFL -- thanks Alina – Love ya girl!!


April Molle said...


Hi Joshua!

I love the picture of you and your sisters and brothers on the front page! You all look great! I hope that you had a wonderful Christmas Holiday! I bet its a lot of fun having so many siblings! :)

Wishing you and your family a safe, healthy and Happy New Year! Best wishes Always!


April Molle

Marian Nicks said...


Hi everyone,

Hope your Christmas was really good and Santa brought you all lots of goodies.
I hear there's an addition to the family, a puppy!
Just wanted to say Happy New Year guys, and we pray it is full of "only good things", you deserve the best.

Love & God Bless you all,
Mare & Jer {: - )