Sunday, September 10, 2006

Short and Sweet

The Picture to the right is a picture of my best friend - Alina's son, Mikey and of course Josh and Nate. They came all the way across the state, from Palm, PA to visit. Mikey has an older sister that is a year younger than Kaitlynn, Theresa. We had a wonderful time and all the kids hit it off right away and got along so well.

Notice the time... so I'll make this quick. Gramma and Josh now go to P-burgh together. The 21st of this month will be mom's 3rd visit and she will be half way done with this stage of treatment. I believe Josh thinks she is very brave and tough like him and is happy to have a chemo-partner.

Not a long post today, and sorry since it's been so long since I've last updated. Remember to sign the guestbook, it's nice to know someone is actually reading. It's my incentive. Although, looking at the counter... We can feel the love!

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