Sunday, September 17, 2006


Another quick update. Josh and Gramma go to Pittsburgh together again this coming Thursday. This will be Jon's mom's halfway point. Also a no-spinal month for Josh. Another 'quick' visit and done.

On Tuesday, Josh (and us) were invited to walk in the LIGHT THE NIGHT Leukemia and Lymphoma cancer survivor walk. We just learned of it last week and I need to get busy collecting donations for that drive. 100 bucks and we get a free t-shirt - LOL - that's our goal! Hehehe

You can check out our fundraising progress or make a donation through the following link: LIGHT THE NIGHT

This coming Thursday [same day as our clinic appt] Josh (and family) is invited to meet with other local MAKE -A- WISH familes at Splash Lagoon (indoor water park). The kids are excited, and I think Josh will enjoy meeting other children his age. I imagine Travis, his friend from clinic who used to live a couple blocks from us, will be there too.

So much for short and sweet... oh well...

I wanted to add, the picture above, is from Josh's grandma's first chemo visit back in July. It's a little hard to read, but Josh's shirt says, 'Me and my Gramma Busy Kickin' Cancer's Butt!' and mom's says, 'Me and my Grandson Busy Kickin Cancer's Butt!'

They say it all!



Surviving Cancer one day at a time!

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