Sunday, August 19, 2007

The thickest part of the book

***Update by popular demand***

So I guess it really has been awhile, but I wasnt sure anyone was still reading this despite a select few - especially those that sign the guestbook ;-)

And Marian (merjer) I will be making Josh a book of all the jokes in his guestbook, he really does get a kick out of us reading them to him.

First I have to let you know the girls have made Josh his own website,, if anyone is interested you can check it out. It's a collective effort from all three of them, but it still is a work in progress.

Next I have to say things are going pretty smooth here in the Froggy household. Softball season has officially ended and although we will miss it - it sure is nice to have time enjoy other things. Cant believe summer is almost over already!

Moreover - I cant believe my baby is going to start kindergarten this year. Already? Where has the time gone? Really. So Josh is excited. Excited to be turning 5 in a few days and excited to be starting school. I'm excited for him, but cant help but be worried about all those germies in there. I know he'll be fine. He is so smart and so ready!

His last two visits to P-burgh have been routine. He did have his spinal postponed due to clinical-scheduling errors, but he should be back on track within the next two months. Also better news is that his ANC had FINALLY fallen within range! Last two visit have been just under 2000. I'll take it.

Can hardly believe that we are now exactly one year from the finish line! Have you ever picked up a book to read and thought about how much you had to read still? Did you actually do the math in your head to compute the number of pages? Have you ever picked up that same book upside down, felt how skinny the pages were on the wrong side of the book and thought, 'hmmm, sooner or later I will be to that side'? That's kinda how I feel now. We're over 2/3s of the way now. The thickest part of the book is behind us. After the first two years, this last year should be a cake walk.

Let's pray that it is.

I can hardly believe that in less than two days he will be 5 already! I strain to think back to when he was first diagnosed, not yet even 3... seems so long ago. I remember having to crush his meds, diluting them in syrup, and having to bribe him to take them with the reward of a 'water gun' fight afterward. The water gun itself actually being an over-sized medicine syringe. My kitchen floor is thankful that he outgrew that stage sembah Now he reminds us when it's time to take his meds. At his first sign of sleepiness, he will come to us, 'is it an easy day?' An easy day is any night that he doesnt have to take more than two pills at a given time.

I think it will be funny when he starts school. Now, if we wake him up in the morning, he automatically assumes it's a p-burgh day. It will be nice when he can relate being woken up to something else.

OK, well I guess I've gone on enough. I'll try to update sooner next time (I think I've said that before). Let us know that you're all still reading.

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