Sunday, September 9, 2007

Crazy Cancer Mom

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

I dont know how it works, but after such a long reprieve from ER visits now we are on a roll again. Friday I had to take Josh to our local hospital due to fevers. It was just a routine trip, but nothing 6 hours cant cure. After x-rays, blood work, urine cultures, a round of IV antibiotics we were released on good behavior tepuktangan He was on a parole of sorts.... meaning his freedom is dependent on his blood cultures, but I am confident that the fevers stem from funky kindergarten germs. So far so good.

Friday night Jon and two of the girls played in an exhibition game for a Make-A-Wish tournament this weekend. All three teams won. But when Jon went to leave that night he discovered that someone slashed our car's tire. After all we do for the softball league it is disheartening to think that someone would do such a thing - remember - I am now stranded at the hospital with Joshua. Not to mention it is now midnight and Jon has 2 of our kids, plus one straggler with him.

I ended up walking home from the ER, carrying a 40-lb feverish child in the middle of the night. A one point a car full of ignorant-probably-drunk-girls drove by yelling out the window to "go home and put my kid in bed". I burst in tears right there. On top of the slashed tire, I now had to worry about what people thought of me carrying my son halfway across the city in the dead of the night. I was bawling so hard to had to sit down. Right then Joshua said to me, "it's okay mom, I can walk now"

Which of course only made me cry harder.

After our hour-long walk, I was all cried out and now fuming. How dare someone judge me. Not one person even bothered to stop and see if we were okay. Then to think about the car and our so-called softball family.

After a good night's sleep, I've come to the conclusion. Why let one (or two) bad apples spoil the whole bushel - so to speak. This too shall pass and what doesnt break you will only make you stronger.

Okay enough of the cliches. I love my kids and my kids love softball and that's why I do what I do. As tiring as it sometimes is. I love Joshua and I would carry him on my back in a blizzard to Pittsburgh if I had to.

Let me say again. September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, and in honor of that I am going to try and post every week this month. With some link or another. Most of you know I am part of a Childhood Cancer Support Group. We are a group of parents and grandparents, aunts and uncles, brothers and sisters, neighbors and friends who all understand what it is like to hear the that one word that you can never in your life mute again. A friend of mine has started a movement. So far it is in it's beginning stages. She no doubt can get overwhelmed in all her efforts so far. After my night Friday, I was reminded that we cant give up, and want to support her in any way I can. Her purpose is to gain awareness for childhood cancer. Why? For the purpose of future funding and research! I am sure everyone reading this knows what a pink ribbon represents. How many of you have bought a pack of pink Tic Tacs? Cancer aside - who here knows who Jarrod from Subway is? Now... who knows the color of the leukemia ribbon - or the color of the childhood cancer ribbon? And I know there are a lot of crucial causes out there cancer aside: Diabetes, Autism, AIDS... and unfortunately the list is too long.

Alicia's site is sure to raise awareness. She has pledged to PUBLICLY lose 100 pounds in honor of our children and Childhood Cancer Awareness. The more public she goes, the better her chances are of picking up a giant sponsor. Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, Subway jelir you-name-it...

Who hasnt seen Kirstie Alley in a Jenny Craig commercial??? Now - could you imagine Kirstie's salary for those commercials going to Childhood Cancer instead?

So here's the site - Crazy Cancer Mom

There are a lot of pages to wade through already, and it will no doubt will take you a few visits to get through all that is written there, but her Blubber Blogs are hilarious, and the Crazy Cancer Mom's Kids page is in it's infant stages, but what she writes on her opening page is so heartfelt. Even if you dont read a word - do one thing - Pass it on. Let's get the word out. She is our next Jarrod!

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