Monday, September 17, 2007

Kindergartener No More

Today in perfect timing with Childhood Cancer Awareness Month our local Make-A-Wish chapter invited us to Splash Lagoon (an indoor water park) for the evening. The kids really had a blast. Even Nathan-the-scaredy-cat braved the tall water slides! ...and liked it surprised

Josh tired out early though and we did end up leaving an hour early, but the rest of the kids agreed they all had fun and it was plenty of time to transform them all into prunes!

In School News: our kindergartner is a student no more. After his most recent trip to the ER, and after much debate with his teacher and principal we have decided to pull him out and wait until next year. His teacher, is a VERY understanding and wonderful teacher, but she said she noticed that Josh was tiring out very easy. Half way through the days she would allow him to put his head on the desk, and she was willing to do this for the rest of the year... but Jon and I decided since he barely made the cut-off date as it was, and in hopes to prevent any undue illnesses, it probably is best if we wait. Surprisingly, Josh was ecstatic. In fact days before he made a comment that he couldnt wait until he was 6. When we asked him why he replied, 'so I dont have to go to school anymore...' That seemed deja-vu-ish. Did I tell you that before?

We're still working on things at home, but admittedly, as smart as he is, his attention span does need some maturing.

In Awareness Month News: This coming Friday CNN will air a childhood cancer special featuring the video that I wrote about two posts back. This is exciting news! A lot of positive feedback has come from that video already. In the end, we hope our representatives will stand up and take action!

In 'other' news: My mother had a colonoscopy last Friday, in which she had several polyps removed. She should be hearing the results of that within 7-10 days. I know I have come here in the past with prayer-wishes for my mother-in-law and for children that we've never even met, but here I am again. Please pray for a clean biopsy results. Also, I have an MRI scheduled for tomorrow to be done on my brain. Gonna see if they can finally fix it - LOL. Just trying to keep things light. Seriously, I have been having trouble with dizziness and uncontrollable muscle twitches over the past month so my doctor ordered it to rule things out. I'm praying they have good music while I'm in the tube and that I'm half as brave as Josh has ever been.

...and with that I will bring this to a close. I came here with a quick update. Well... we all know how that goes. I'll be back again before the end of the month. Next time I will bring details regarding the CNN show. Also, in case some of you live by a Chili's - just a reminder that they are having their annual Create-A-Pepper drive and on Sept 24th - 100% of their proceeds will be donated to St Jude's!


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