Tuesday, August 16, 2005

fever watch

We're all fighting a bug going around the house. It started with Nathan about two weeks ago. Then Josh got a runny nose, but not much more. Now just about all of us has had something or another, sore throat, cough, tummy aches. Kenni has a fever today. Jon has a sty or something in his left eye. And again Josh is not feeling 100%. A little cough and a slight fever that we are monitoring closely. If it gets above a *magic* number, we supposed to take him to the ER and they'll evaluate from there. But I'm sure it's nothing more than this stubborn bug hangin' around. He hasnt been eating very much (pre-cold), even Grandpa is having trouble enticing Josh with his favorites. I've convinced myself already that the whole purpose of the 5-day steroid pulses is so that CKs (Chemo Kids) dont starve themselves! Somehow he is managing to hold his weight on a staple of PB&J (sometimes hold the J) and 'chocky' milk (sometimes hold the 'chocky')...

Hard to believe he will turn 3 in just a few days! We decided today that we will hold a nice little bash for him this weekend. Most likely Sunday, on his bday. I dont think he has a clue that he even has a bday coming, despite us telling him, but I know he just loves being the center of attention! Jon seen a Spiderman piñata at K-Mart the other day and thought immediately of Josh's big day. I just know Josh would love it, but think maybe he'd love it too much. How will we convince our Little Man that bashing Bida Man's head in is alright? Hehehehe -- anyone know where we can find Green Goblin?

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