Sunday, August 21, 2005

Three at last, three at last

Happy Birthday to Me!
Happy Birthday to Me!
Happy Birthday Dear Joshy
Today I turned 3!

What a week I have had full of wonderful surprises! My Grandma F. hosted a birthday-card-drive for me, that started coming days ago and boy(!) did I get a lot. I can hardly believe how many people from all over the place are thinking and praying for me! To date, we have 26 cards and my Grandma said she will save them for me and will add them to the scrapbook she started. Thank you to everyone who sent me something -- I especially loved all the stickers -- even if mommy didnt like them stuck all over the windows love

On the actual day of my birthday, which also happens to be the day my Great Grandpa 'Billy Joe' would have turned 86, mommy and daddy decorated the house and back-yard with all kinds of Spider-man stuff! My Grandma and Grandpa F went and found me all kinds of cool stuff from the party store. Red and blue balloons, spinners, banners, blow horns, a HUGE Spiderman floating balloon, you name it, it was spider-man. Even a Spider-Man ice cream cake from DQ. Dont worry, lots of pictures were taken today.

The party started outside, and the older kids loved swimming in the pool. It turned out to be a perfect day for it. My favorite part was coming in for the cake and presents! Grandma and Grandpa brought the ice cream cake too, and daddy got me a superhero cupcake cake, it wasnt Spiderman, but hey! it was blue and the Incredibles are still awesome. So I had cake and ice cream, or maybe I just had frosting and frosting. Well, I ate, that's gotta count for something!

Afterward I got to open a whole bunch of cool presents. And guess what they were? More Spiderman! Spiderman chair, and Spiderman clothes, and Spiderman tent, Spiderman punching bag, Spiderman bouncing ball, action heroes, sleeping bags, sneakers, slippers, coloring books, crayons... Dont worry, it wasnt all Spiderman. I may be obsessed, but a boy's gotta draw the line somewhere. I also got a super cool matchbox car ramp, a Scooby Doo movie starring Batman, a neat remote control boat for me to play with in the big pool, more clothes and more clothes and, OH! -- this really neat horse that I can wear and pretend I'm a cowboy --- mommy took lots of pictures, I look so cute!

Finally, with the help of all the kindhearted people that sent money-gifts in their cards, mommy and daddy got me an awesome motorized truck! And if you ask me, I’m a pretty good driver. But just don’t ask my neighbor…. Or at least wait until her flowers grow back…

Anyway, THANK YOU to everyone for making my day so special. Mommy said she will post pictures soon and everyone can share in my day and we can remember it all forever.


Maureen Felder said...

SUNDAY, AUGUST 21, 2005 04:46 PM, CDT

Your friends in Louisiana wish you a very "Happy 3rd.

Birthday", Joshua. We're hoping you are having a

really fun day! We Love you, Joshua.

The Felders......Morris, Maureen and Morrie.

Maureen Felder
Ponchatoula, LA
United States

Alina Lockhoff said...

SUNDAY, AUGUST 21, 2005 09:05 PM, CDT

happy birthday little man :-) with lots of love, best wishes and prayers from across the state, 27frm4.

Alina Lockhoff
palm, PA
United States

Maureen Felder said...

MONDAY, AUGUST 22, 2005 09:53 PM, CDT

Hi Folks! Just checking in to see how our little tyke Josh is feeling? Sure hope much better! Hope he got to enjoy his birthday, yesterday. When do you go back to Pittsburgh?Remember, all of us here have Josh, and your entire family in our prayers. God Bless you each. All our love- Maureen

Maureen Felder
Ponchatoula, LA
United States

Jessica Kerr said...

TUESDAY, AUGUST 23, 2005 02:51 PM, CDT


I hope you have a wonderful day. And I hope you feel good today on your special day. HUGS from the Kerr family

Jessica Kerr
mobile, AL
United States