Friday, January 6, 2006

10 down, 10 to go

Joshua's visit yesterday went smooth. It was the best spinal tap yet -- is an oxymoron or what? Well, the anethe. finally figured out the perfect "recipe" and Joshua woke up in good spirits. Not one ounce of agitation! 10 down, 10 to go, now we can finish the second set with a breeze. That's right -- only 10 more LP's. After next months spinal, the remainder of them are spaced at 3 month intervals. Figure 2-1/2 more years... 4 a year... half way through. Spinals, not time, but we take it where we can! So despite the good LP and the speedy clinic visit we still didnt get home til nearly 6:30. Long and exhausting day, but again --one step closer. Josh seen his head doctor yesterday, you'll remember Dr Cookie Monster? Gotta love this guy. Always takes the time to play with Josh and answer all our questions. The only downside to yesterday's appointment is that Josh's counts are way down again. ANC=300. So we've been walking around neutropenic and not knowing it... He's on a chemo hold until at least next week when the visiting nurse can repeat the labs. And how weird is it to go to bed at night without having to worry about preparing meds. Strange feeling. Last night I laid in bed feeling like I was forgetting something. We could get used to this ;-) Anyway... I found another song I like --- and for whatever reason, this one I cant figure out how to play, so if you want to hear it, click on the following link. It's from the Prince of Egypt (cartoon) soundtrack by Alison Kraus.


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