Sunday, January 8, 2006

Doc Oc

...and I *almost* could've predicted it if I dared think it outloud.

Last month when Josh had the blood infection I noticed a rash on his chin (Jon and I 'bickered' over the cause, main reason I particually remember it). Then just days before his clinic appt this Thursday I notice the 'rash' was back.

I thought it --- but didnt say it.

Anyway, sure enough Josh wakes up 6 o'clock this morning with a fever. His ANC at clinic was 260, today it was 112, so here we are.

And what a day.

Like anything else was to be expected?

When they first told us he was coming to Pittsburgh they said it would be by Ambulance. But despite THREE boluses and one hydrocortosone (sp?) shot, they couldnt get his blood pressure up, so they decided to Life Flight him. I tracked Jon down, who had left early to pack our bags and hopefully still meet the us and the ambulance in Pburgh, he had to come back to the hospital because there isnt room for parents on helicopter. Then the ambulance from Erie showed up, apparantly someone forgot to call them and tell them plans changed. They leave. Soon after the helicopter team calls to say they were grounded in Grove City because of weather (go figure it wasnt snowing, but it was gloomy) so an ambulance from GC picks them up (including the helo driver and meets us in Erie. We got to the ER this morning just after 7. The GC ambulance didnt leave Erie until 2. And as if that wasnt enough... the darn ambulance nearly ran out of gas and we had to stop at the Cranberry/Turnpike exit for gas --- and then find a station that had DEISEL.

I swear I couldnt make this stuff up if I tried...

I told the ambulance driver I think we were jinxed today!

I mean come on! Who ever hears of an ambulance running out of gas?

Because of Josh's BP and all the fluids they jammed him with, he was admitted to PICU, but we were transferred to the onc floor about an hour ago.

They're monitoring his vitals continuosly over night, but he cant wait til tomorrow to be freed of those schtinkin'
Doc-Oc wires! And hoping his ANC starts to rise so he can at least go to the play room. His WBC in clinic on Thrusday was 1.6, this morning in the Erie ER it was 0.6, tonight in the PICU it was down to 0.4. Can only go up from there right?

I've been itching to get on the computer ALL_DAY. I borrowed a friend's laptop to bring with us, but then couldnt figure out how to get it online... Settled on waiting to figure it out til we were transferred from the PICU. Got up here and there's a computer in the room.


Life is Sweet - lol

it really is the little things!

Josh has been NPO all day and was finally allowed to eat when we got up here.. now dad and I (who were subsequently NPO also...) are trying to enjoy a cold breakfast/lunch/dinner now. Ummm nothing like cold waffle fries.

With ranch ;-)

Things'll be fine -- but we're counting down to parole already.

Oh and the play room!

Time for another song change -- nice and appropriate for right now ---> Who says we cant go home?

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