Sunday, January 8, 2006


Hey guys wanted to send a quick update that I was reminded of when talking to Kaitlynn this morning.

If you go to:

you can send Josh a free e-card - his room number is 8621 - they will deliver it straight to his room! We'll wallpaper his room with them ;-)

I had forgotten about this, but Alina sent Josh a card during his dx admission and I remembered it last night reading through his admission folder, then woke up this morning and wanted to remember to email Kait before I forgot again...

they really do deliver them and we taped it to his bed last time. He loved it. Was the next best thing to stickers!

For those of you who didnt read last night's late journal entry (and who would've besides Dracula? it was so late...) just click on the JOURNAL link above to read the archived entries. And dont forget to sign his guestbook so we know you stopped by!!

Love ya all!

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