Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Day 4

Good morning!

Josh's doc made a solo round first thing this morning (7:00). He was one of the best Residents I've talked to by far. I like him a lot.

He said the culture from Erie is showing something growing. Not sure what yet though, hoping to know more later when they make their rounds as a collective team.

As far as the Blasts that showed up in the bloodworkfrom Erie. He said either him or the Fellow would look into Josh's blood smear personally. As of yet, I dont think either of them had. But he also said that he trusted their lab and sure the other lab was being overly cautious.

Then the Fellow from yesterday was in and basically said the same thing, but he said the bacteria was probably the same as last time. The Bacillus. So same as last time, have to have 2 clear cultures before
going home. SO far the cultures from here are still growing clean... maybe they are our clear cultures. He did say that because it showed positive so late (unlike last time when it showed itself the very next day) that he believe we caught it early.

If it is the same thing, they may have to figure out how to get it cleared from the line and stop to from growing back again. One of the residents over the weekend said they have some tricks to try before they begin to think about replacing his port.

ANC is still low. Havent gotten a copy of today's labs though to see if we're allowed to leave the room yet.

In good news, he was FULL of energy yesterday! Mostly thanks to the hydrocortisone he is on for his blood pressure. He was bouncing off the walls and the nurse had to come in several times to fix the alarms he
kept setting off ;-) They started to wean him from the steroid (hydrocortisone) yesterday by spacing the doses further apart, and they hope to have him off of it completely by the end of today.

Also he got a Power Ranger DVD so that made his day!

It's the little things :-)

Nothing much more to report here. Just trying to survive the days without going bonkers with boredom.

And believe it or not.... you can only surf the internet so much in one day without having had enough... did I just say that out loud?

Everyone else still sleeping here and it is da-ar-aark in here. Only the light of the monitors to type by. Methinks it's about time I try to stir them a little. Josh's breakfast came in a while ago... nothing like cold eggs and coffee. Yes. We ordered him his favorite --- cappachino (sp?), with a side of hashbrowns ;-)

PS - ChildLife was just in to see sleeping beauty. She said if Josh's counts are up enough, and he is awake... there will be a dog up here today and she put him on a list for a visit. He should like that!

Have I mentioned - it's the little things yet? ;-)

PSS - sorry for any spelling or typimg errors (see what I mean?) ...you can only proofread so much and I am not at home to take advantage of good old Microsoft Word!

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