Tuesday, August 5, 2008

15 days since his last pill!!

15 days since his last pill!!

Oh, two updates in one week! Something must be in the water senyum

It was suggested that I include our mailing address for those who can not make it to Josh's party and wish to send him a card. Josh absolutely loves receiving mail, so without further ado:

2710 East Ave
Erie, PA 16504

Also if you desire, you can leave a message in the guestbook as I will be printing the messages and will assemble them in a book of sorts for Josh to proudly display at his party. We read everyone of them to him and he really enjoys getting them.

Josh worked really hard making this Voki fish. I lost count how many takes it took after the umpteenth time, between a 5-year old's attention span and Nathan the background-noise-aficionado, but it turned out nice and Josh loves it.

Anyway, Josh is having a lot of fun helping to plan his party. He hand-signed all his invitation personally. You should be getting those in the mail soon. I hope I had the right addresses for everyone. I think he's most excited about his cake - that boy loves cake! Did I tell you for Kaitlynn's birthday last month, she spent the day with her friends. When Josh asked where her cake was we had to explain to him that she was growing up and wouldnt be home. He proceeded to tell us, that we could still have cake without her, that he was home to eat it.

Fair enough - we went out and bought her (eh hem - him) a cake kenyit

Speaking of eating - it amazes me how much of Josh's appetite has come back since going off his chemo. I knew his tastes had changed, but didnt realize how fast it would return to him. The other day he was going through the cupboards looking for goodies and I had to laugh when he pulled out the coffee creamer asking if he could eat that. gelakguling

Well, I guess I've gone on enough. Thanks for listening to me ramble once again!

Marian & the Zoo

Joshua's Celebration of Life
to commemorate his End of Treatment & 6th birthday
August 23, 2008
Glenwood Zoo Pavilions

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