Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Joshua's [second] first day of school

Today was Joshua's first day of school - again. This time I walked (albeit reluctantly) out of the school tear-free. Not that I didnt want to. I miss him so much already. He definitely has a way of making my day.

Yesterday was the first day back to school for the other kids, but Joshua's shot records werent in order because of the leukemia, and I had to wait for the school nurse to call me to straighten that out. As soon as she began to talk to me she remembered his case well from last year and still had the letter from his doctor regarding his shots on file. Josh walked out of the school crying but we charmed him with breakfast and bribes of the zoo. We didnt end up at the zoo because it threatened with rain, but we played extra long in the playground at Mickey D's. star

Joshua's kindergarten teacher is Ms. Clara Chlebus (pron: Clee-biss although originally, I thought she said Clevis); the kids call her Ms "C" for obvious reasons. Which reminds me of when I was a Brownie Leader; I asked the kids to call me Ms Marian, because Fromknecht is definitely a mouthful and Ms F just didnt seem fitting. Ms C wears her name well.

This morning on his way to class, Josh walked down the hall to his class several steps ahead of Jon and I and marched right into his classroom un-apprehensive. He found the hook with his name displayed above it and proudly hung up his book bag complete with his PB&J lunch neatly tucked away inside. After walking around the room slyly checking things out, he sat down at his desk where his soon-to-be friends were already seated. Before I even left the room he was investigating his crayon box and studying the papers sitting on his desk. I dont even think he looked back. I could've stood in the doorway watching him all day if they allowed it. Maybe because Jon was with me this year or perhaps because I had Josh to myself an extra year, I didnt have as hard a time walking out of the school as I did last season. It was a long afternoon of me watching the clock, but Nathan provided the comic relief I needed and the minutes eventually ticked to 2:20.

When the bell rang Josh was at the head of the line and the first little one to walk out the kindergarten doors, spotting me immediately and running up, giving me the biggest hug and kiss. It brightened my day to see him so happy! He couldnt wait to tell me all about his day. I asked him if he met any friends and he told me, "all of them". He couldnt remember any of their names, but was quick to let me know he stayed "in the green" all day which meant he behaved, but one boy didnt, he went "in the yellow" and he didnt get a sticker. Ah, this teacher found Josh's weakness already senyumkenyit

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