Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Innocence of a six year old

Tonight, as I tucked Joshua in bed and laid beside him to "connect the dots" on his back, he asked me why I was always the one to pick him up from school. It's only been two days, and today Kaitlynn came with me - but apparently that is "always" to a 6 year old. Anyway, I told him it is because I miss him so much and cant wait to see him and find out how his day went. He thought about it for a couple minutes, and in the middle of me singing (no doubt off-key) You Are My Sunshine he said, "If you miss me so much, why dont you just stay there then?" I told him I didnt think they would let me, but he thinks if I ask the principal they will. Oh, I love the innocence.

The school had a fire drill today and he was excited to tell me all about it first thing. I think he was more excited to tell me that they crossed the street without holding hands! Wow, he must really be a big boy now!!

In other news, one of the first things I asked him this afternoon is if he "stayed in the green". Completely expecting it to be a rhetorical question, I was shocked to see his expression. A sly grin slipped across his face and a "how did you know?" expression tattled the reply.

On the second day Josh? Now trying to get my embarrassed son to tell me how he fell into the "yellow" took a little bit of interrogation skills with the need of an interpreter fluent in baby-babble. Newly-turned 6 year olds are very gullible, I told him if he didnt tell me what he did to warrant "a yellow" that I was going to have to turn around and ask the teacher. Flustered enough, I managed to make out something along the lines of "play fighting with his lunch box".

This morning when I woke Josh up, he confided in me that 'kool was borin'. I told him it would be more fun as they started to learn more things. Today Josh told me that they learned more about rules and how to behave. I suppose lesson #3 is no WWF or UFC at lunchtime with the other boys sengihnampakgigi

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